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[13:52:12] Invité[FabienGagne] :

how do I connect to the video presentation?

[13:57:37] Invité[FabienGagne] :

Ok it eventually appeared on this page.

[14:07:38] smoore10 :

Hi Fabien, are you all set then?

[14:07:50] smoore10 :

You can see it ok?

[14:07:51] Invité[FabienGagne] :

Yes thanks

[14:08:10] smoore10 :

Fantastic, enjoy!

[14:08:30] Invité[FabienGagne] :

I will switch to fullscreen now so I wont see the chat window.

[14:08:59] smoore10 :

For everyone else in the room, welcome! I will be your voice here today at the lecture so if you have any questions or issues please address them here and I will help you out

[14:09:11] smoore10 :

Otherwise, thanks for joining us and enjoy!

[14:34:11] smoore10 :

Remember to let me know if there are any questions and I will ask them for you

[14:59:01] Guest[Amanda] :

Tom said leafroll can be spread through movement of infected leaves on equipment ? Can he elaborate, is that to say infected leaves can spread the virus into another vine ?

[14:59:19] smoore10 :

I'll ask for you

[15:00:16] smoore10 :

are you asking if the leaves themselves can spread the virus?

[15:00:48] Guest[Amanda] :

yes thank you

[15:01:05] smoore10 :

ok, i will ask after he answers this question

[15:02:12] Guest[McSmith] :

We have been looking for mealybugs for years and never saw on green tissue.

[15:04:35] smoore10 :

let me know if this is answering your question amanda

[15:04:39] Guest[Amanda] :

much clearer

[15:04:42] Guest[Amanda] :

thank you

[15:04:43] Guest[McSmith] :

Are crawlers on leaves all through the growing season? If not, then movement with equipment would be onlly when crawlers are out.

[15:04:55] smoore10 :

glad we could clarify for you :)

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