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[11:30:58] smoore10 :

Hi everyone! My name is Sarah and I will be your voice during this lecture today ! Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have during the lecture and I will ask Dr. Sudarsana Poojari at an appropriate break. If you are having any issues with connectivity or technical issues, also let me know!

[11:31:04] smoore10 :

Thank you and enjoy the lecture!

[11:34:42] Guest[Robert] :

Hi Sarah:

[11:35:09] Guest[Robert] :

Hi Sarah i do not see the video. can you help?

[11:37:04] smoore10 :

Hi Robert, perhaps try restarting the browser? then enter this link https://brockvideocentre.brocku.ca/videos/video/924/?live=true

[11:37:11] smoore10 :

let me know when you return if that worked

[11:48:20] Guest[Robert] :

Tried that idea and it does not work

[11:49:17] smoore10 :

You went to the link I provided?

[11:49:33] smoore10 :

The video is under the live videos section?

[11:53:08] Guest[Robert] :

That is where this live chat is located but no video on screen

[11:54:22] smoore10 :

Robert, I have the support staff working with me on this

[11:54:33] smoore10 :

Hoping to resolve it quickly

[11:55:21] Guest[Robert] :

here is the location I am at Home › Live Videos › Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute

[11:56:25] smoore10 :

Did you then click on the title you see on that screen

[11:56:56] smoore10 :

As in, click on "Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute"

[11:57:03] smoore10 :

that will take you to the video

[11:59:52] Guest[Robert] :

The letters are in grey and there is no hyperlink when I put my cursor over the Cool climate Oenology and Viticulture Institure

[12:00:43] smoore10 :

it could be an issue with your ram or processor, or the User graphics driver may need to be updated.

[12:00:50] smoore10 :

Have you used lifesize before on that computer?

[12:04:29] Guest[Robert] :

First time for lifesize

[12:06:38] smoore10 :

Ok Robert, I will suggest you call into the lifesize support line at 1 (512) 347-9300 and choose option 2 to speak to one of the Techs. They may want to do a remote session to help demonstrate the issue and allow them to view the computer settings.

[12:07:06] smoore10 :

They can better help you. Worst case, we will be posting the talk to our CCOVI website by early next week if you cant log in

[12:07:14] smoore10 :

but hopefully they can help you!

[12:12:17] smoore10 :

Refernce case # 00276226

[12:37:33] smoore10 :

Anyone watching remotely have any questions?

[12:38:04] Guest[Robert-0] :

I just joined, drat. The problem is that i used Safari and it only works in Chrome (but not mentioned in instructions??)

[12:39:09] smoore10 :

Ah I'm sorry to hear that Robert!

[12:39:30] smoore10 :

If you come to our website next week, under lecture series, there wil be a link to the slides from today

[12:39:45] Guest[SWilkins] :

Works on FireFox as well

[12:39:57] smoore10 :

Our Youtube channel will also have the presentation posted! And at least you know for next time!

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