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[14:01:13] smoore10 :

Hi everyone! My name is Sarah and I will be your voice today during the lecture if you are watching from home! Please feel free to type any questions you may have for Dr. Tony Shaw into the chat bar and I will ask them on your behalf at an appropriate pause in the presentation! Please let me know if anyone is having any technical issues while watching this and I will try to address those also!

[15:15:04] Guest[Bernie] :

Can we expect warmer or cooler PDO and more Blocking patterns which can change the jet steam causing artic temperatures and is there an better predicting methods in the near future.

[15:31:57] smoore10 :

Hi Bernie, will ask this question shortly for you!

[15:35:37] smoore10 :

What do you mean by PDO??

[15:35:52] Guest[Bernie] :

pacific decadal ossilations

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