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[20:04:07] Guest[TH258] :

Lauren - How did you/do you cope w/ anxiety? What gave you more courage to start taking more risks and breaking free?\

[20:04:50] Guest[TH258] :

Marion - What is the biggest lesson you have learned through recovery?

[20:05:15] Guest[TH258] :

All - At what point did you know you needed to seek help?

[20:05:38] Guest[TH258] :

Can you "get over" depression or is it w/ you forever?

[20:06:39] Guest[TH258] :

What do you think high schools can do to help those students who are struiggling>

[20:06:44] Guest[TH258] :


[20:06:47] Guest[Pisces] :

As a worker at the local children's mental health agency, is there any advice would you give to adolescents who are dealing with similar issues and are afraid to speak up?

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