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[19:24:42] Guest[Moderator] :

Welcome online community!

[19:28:55] Guest[Moderator] :

Feel free to ask questions during the event as this forum will be monitored and if time permits questions may be asked from this forum at the end. In order to ask any questions online you must first create a screen name, then the chat box will appear.

[19:32:04] Guest[Kayweddy] :

Hello goodnight. Please can you fix the sound I can't hear

[19:33:35] Guest[Molly] :

There is NO sound. Audio is not working!

[19:34:26] Guest[Moderator] :

The sound should be working now.

[19:34:48] Guest[Molly] :

Thank you very much :)

[19:35:05] Guest[Kayweddy] :

Thank you :)

[19:37:09] Guest[Molly] :

I am seeing the windows screen now?

[19:41:36] Guest[Moderator] :

Yes. We are introducing our new Mental Health website before the speakers will begin :).

[19:53:02] Guest[Kayweddy] :

Is the doctor that he saw on brock Campus? I really want to know where she is located.

[20:44:26] Guest[Molly] :

can we see the speakers please. The camera is not on them

[20:45:22] Guest[Molly] :


[20:47:16] Guest[afiaaa] :

Question: I think that alot of people tend to look at the negative aspects of living with mental health. But mental health is a life journey. Can you please share so of the positive that your mental health journey has given you?

[20:54:03] Guest[Moderator] :

In order to switch views to the speakers click the second icon from the bottom right corner. Let me know if that helps :)

[20:59:57] Guest[Kayweddy] :

Question: What if you have a person that is not supportive of your illness or understands what you are going through. as it relates to mental illness? However you can't avoid the paerso

[21:00:13] Guest[Kayweddy] :

person it could be a parent or friend.

[21:05:32] Guest[Moderator] :

I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to join us online as well as their contributions to the questioning period.

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